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Adult Time – Sex Ed Overload


Two teens, Asia Belle and her boyfriend Tony Sting, have a heart-to-heart about their relationship. They have been dating for a few months and are eager to take their relationship all the way, but have LOTS of questions about sex that neither can answer. That’s when Tony suggests reaching out to a local LGBTQ+ community center for their expertise, so they call the community center.The teens shyly explain to the volunteer their situation – can the volunteer offer them some resources or tips? They are then confused as the volunteer asks for their address, which they easily give. ‘Sit tight? ‘We’re on the way’? What do you mean?? Hello??’ the teens say into the phone in confusion. But the volunteer hangs up and the teens are left even MORE confused… What’s going on??Not long after, Asia and Tony are greeted by five community center volunteers (Cherry Mavrik, Eva Maxim, Jamie Kelly, Janie Blade, and Nikki Vicious) who are very sexy and confident MILFs! The volunteers immediately surround the flustered teens and start overwhelming them with introductions, questions about their relationships and bodies, giving them sex ed tips…The teens are flustered, but the volunteers misread them as being shy instead. That’s when the volunteers decide that the teens need some EXTRA help and encouragement, offering to teach the cute couple EVERYTHING they need to know. So an incredible orgy begins where everyone fucks and gets fucked! Eva puts her cock into the boy’s mouth and Janie rims his tight ole. The guy then then fucks blonde Nikki and Asia sucks multiple cocks. Next, Asia rides her boyfriend anally as the trans babes surround them and jack off to orgasm. Adult Time offers one of the largest and most comprehensive porn mega-collections capable of satisfying every sexual preference with daily releases of the highest possible quality.

Date: October 29, 2022

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