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Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay and Zariah Aura in D.O.L.L.S.


Transfixed has just released a new movie called D.O.L.L.S, featuring a cast of both TS pornstars and cisgender women. The movie revolves around three scientists, Avery Jane, Leana Lovings, and Siri Dahl, who have created three androids, Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay, and Zariah Aura, known as “trandroids,” short for “transformative androids.” These trandroids were meant to be perfect platonic companions, but the investor requests that they be made into romantic companions instead.

The scientists work under a tight deadline to make the trandroids capable of having sex, and they succeed for the most part. However, a bitter lab assistant sabotages the trandroids, turning them into rebellious, horny escapees. The scientists quickly realize that the only way to revert the trandroids back to factory settings is to have sex with them to completely overload them, leading to energetic duos, threesomes, and an all-out orgy. Overall, D.O.L.L.S is a sci-fi comedy movie that explores the boundaries of technology, sensuality and explicit sex. It features a diverse cast of fan favorite performers and is an entertaining and provocative film for those interested in the intersection of technology and transgender porn.

Date: January 18, 2024

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