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Eva Maxim and Crystal Thayer – Extreme Pickups


Two best friends, Crystal Thayer and Eva Maxim, go cruising in a car so they can pick up a stranger to hook up with. They discover a beautiful waitress, Sophia Burns, who seems to have just finished her shift. Eva gets out of the car and approaches Sophia, and asks her to join them for sex. Sophia is a little shy, but also intrigued… it’s not every day a gorgeous woman like Eva shows up with such an amazing invitation! Sophia follows Eva to join Crystal in the backseat of the car. After a bit of flirting, Sophia admits that she just went through a breakup, and she promised herself that she was going to treat herself to some WILD fun the moment the right opportunity came along. Eva and Crystal like the sound of that, and invite Sophia to their ‘playroom’. Sophia realizes they’re talking about BDSM, and eagerly consents. They arrive at their destination, and hurry through the door. The playroom turns out to be a dark den of delights, with multiple surfaces for fucking, and a wide assortment of sex toys. Eva and Crystal have changed into bold fetish gear, while Sophia is wearing her waitress apron and nothing else. Eva and Crystal smack Sophia’s bare ass and remove her apron. The three beauties then enjoy a raunchy fuckfest, including putting an open mouth gag on Sophia so she can be face fucked, giving Sophia a milk enema, and introducing her to some HUGE sex toys! Extreme Pickups is a porn series from multi award-winning sex network Adult Time.

Date: May 29, 2023

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