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Jenna Creed in The Stepsisterhood Of Unraveling Pants


Tgirl Jenna Creed and Maddy May in The Stepsisterhood Of Unraveling Pants from the Family Siblings series available on Adult Tme. Jenna Creed, who is a bit timid, spots her older and more confident stepsister, Maddy May, doing yoga in the living room. Maddy invites Jenna to join her, offering for her to use Maddy’s spare yoga mat and yoga clothes. Though Jenna is initially tentative about joining, she eventually accepts. Jenna leaves to go get changed.

Moments later, Jenna returns wearing Maddy’s yoga clothes, which seem to be a little too small for Jenna. Maddy guides Jenna through a few poses, which leads to Jenna’s leggings ripping, exposing her ass and cock. Jenna is mortified at having ruined Maddy’s leggings, but is pleasantly surprised when Maddy rips her OWN leggings as a show of solidarity.

They agree to continue practicing yoga in their ripped leggings since no one’s around to see them. As Maddy guides Jenna through more poses, they both grow aroused. Their arousal becomes too much to bear, and they admit that they have crushes on each other. After some hesitation, they agree to have sex…

Date: April 29, 2023

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