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Daisy Taylor – Feels Like Old Times


In the Transfixed episode “Feels Like Old Times”, TS Daisy Taylor is the main character who has recently broken up with her boyfriend after an argument. She spends several days feeling down and scrolling through social media when she comes across a picture of an old fling, Jayden Marcos. Feeling inspired, Daisy decides to ask him out on a date, which he eagerly accepts. Excited for the date, Daisy spends some time trying on different outfits before settling on a sexy little black dress. Jayden arrives with a bouquet of flowers, and they sit down to have dinner together. However, the conversation during dinner is stiff and awkward, and Jayden starts looking at his phone. Daisy realizes that they were never good at communicating with words, but their bodies did most of the talking in the past. Daisy decides to make a move by extending her leg under the table and mischievously rubbing Jayden’s crotch with her foot. This causes Jayden to forget about his phone and sparks start flying between them again. Daisy crawls under the table to give Jayden a blowjob and more, reigniting their physical chemistry. Then cute Daisy gets deep penetrated on her side and in reverse cowgirl. Transfixed is without doubt one of the best trans porn sites.

Date: November 5, 2023

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