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Khloe Kay and Kasey Kei – Cheers To Your Success


Khloe Kay and her best friend, Jewelz Blu, return to Khloe’s home. As they chat, it’s revealed that Khloe has made it onto a professional cheerleading squad and that she’s about to tell her supportive girlfriend, Kasey Kei, the good news. But, since Jewelz is Khloe’s best friend AND now her team captain, Khloe wants Jewelz there when she springs the good news.

Once inside, Kasey excitedly greets them, her attention on Khloe. ‘How did the tryout go??’ Kasey asks. Khloe waits a suspenseful moment before opening her coat and flashing her new cheerleading outfit. ‘I don’t know, you tell ME!’ Khloe playfully and excitedly says. Kasey jumps with joy as they embrace, while Jewelz is all smiles in the background.

As they chat, it’s revealed that it’s always been Khloe’s dream to be on a professional cheerleading squad but that she didn’t think it’d be possible for women like her. But thanks to Jewelz’s help, her dream has become a reality! Jewelz is quick to correct Khloe, insisting that Khloe EARNED her spot on the squad through all her OWN hard work and dedication. Even so, Khloe and Kasey are still both so thankful for Jewelz’s amazing support through everything. Khloe and Kasey just wish that there was some way they could thank Jewelz.

That’s when Jewelz becomes a bit bashful. She sheepishly admits to always having had a crush on Khloe. Now that crush has INTENSIFIED since Khloe started dating Kasey — they’re both just too hot for her to handle. That’s when Jewelz flirtily says that if the girlfriends really want to thank her, a threesome would be the PERFECT way!

Date: July 26, 2023

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