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TS Leilani Li – Wrong First Impressions


Ebony transgender Leilani Li is frustrated as she waits for her blind date, Casey Calvert, who is running late. When Casey finally arrives, she seems disinterested and doesn’t apologize for her tardiness. Leilani is surprised by Casey’s lack of manners and considers canceling the date, but reluctantly asks about the restaurant they’re going to. The cisgender woman mentions the restaurant, but Leilani appears displeased with her choice, causing Casey to feel put off and think that Leilani is being snobbish. Despite their lack of enthusiasm, they both agree to continue with the date.

After the date, their mood changes completely. It turns out they had a great time and discovered they have excellent chemistry. Casey apologizes for her lateness and distraction, explaining that she’s been under a lot of stress. Leilani also apologizes for seeming snobbish, revealing that the restaurant holds negative memories of her ex. They are both glad they didn’t cancel the date based on their initial impressions. With the misunderstandings cleared, they come up with a fun idea to make the date more exciting. They start to kiss passionately, Casey then turns her attention to the black penis with a rough deepthroat blowjob. Next TS Leilani pounds Casey’s pussy hard.

Date: May 13, 2024

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