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Three trans muses and Siri Dahl


To celebrate one year of MUSES, which is an exclusive series available on Transfixed, here is a special group scene featuring our first three transgender muses (Khloe Kay, Jade Venus, and Emma Rose) and special guest curvaceous cis lady Siri Dahl, who also is a sexy and horny pornstar. In this sensual scene, a luxurious set and vibrant lighting design set the tone for a lesbian experience like no other. Khloe, Jade, and Emma take the stage to welcome us into their world through erotic dancing, sporting incredible sexy outfits of titillating lingerie. They tease the camera with their magnetic eyes, inviting the viewer to come deeper inside and share in this celebration of body and sexual freedom. Enter Siri, wearing a jaw-dropping outfit with her big breasts, curvy hips, and dazzling eyes as the three T-Girls surround her from all sides. They all lower themselves unto the couch and explore each other’s bodies with eagerness and excitement, legs spread open to receive unbound pleasure. This scene is our way of bringing together some of the most influential performers of the porn industry. We hope you enjoy!

Date: December 28, 2022

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