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Lena Moon and Jade Venus – Fan Fucktion


In a stormy night, creative writer Lena Moon conjures up black-winged dominatrix Jade Venus, who is seductively clad in knee-high leather boots and sexy lingerie. The domineering trans babe has blonde-haired Lena tethered to a leash, and in contrast to Jade’s dark streak, Lena is decorated with a lustrous pearl chain bra and white stockings. Eager to please her sexy mistress, Lena worships Jade’s pierced nipples before sucking on her big hard she-cock. Hot Jade puts Lena on her knees and penetrates her tight hole from behind doggystyle, then the inked-up nympho sits on Jade’s lap and rides her hard in cowgirl. Following an intense side fuck, busty tgirl Jade pleasures herself and gives Lena a thick, creamy facial, and then it is Lena’s turn to cum!  Scene from Trans Angels, one of the absolute trans porn leading websites.

Date: October 29, 2022

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