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Izzy Wilde And Colby Jansen – Beating Up Daddy


Daddy Colby Jansen is waiting for his mistress, Izzy Wilde who is wearing stiletto red stripper-boots, black panties, and a bustier with her lily-white breasts and pink nipples peeking over the top. She spanks, flogs his ass, and slaps Colby across the face. The TS mistress takes great pleasure in the pain and humiliation that she’s inflicting on her willing sub. A few more smacks cause her pretty dick to bust out from her sweet-smelling black lace panties. She torments her captive even more by binding his wrists together, blindfolding him, and then rubbing her dick on his eager and welcoming bound hands. She throws herself into the sling, grabs her sub by his chest-harness, still bound and blindfolded, and commands him to fuck her. She glides his pulsing dick into her welcoming hole, and he proceeds to be her giant dildo fuck-toy, slamming her as hard as he can while she slaps him across the face with her dainty red polished pretty feet. She grabs his head, kicks off the blindfold and thrusts his face onto her asshole while he jerks his throbbing cock. He pops up and blows his load of hot cum all over her balls and hole. He cleans his mess and eats his cum off her as she praises him for being a very lucky boy.

Date: May 1, 2022

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