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OnlyTrans – Janie Blade and Cherry Mavrick


From movie Only Trans available on Devil’s T-Girls here is a TS on TS hardcore scene featuring Cherry Mavrik and Janie Blade. Cherry is lounging in bed when her roommate Janie comes in to show off her sexy outfit for the evening. Seems like Janie’s boyfriend is taking her out to a fancy spot, and she wants to look extra special. Cherry thinks Janie looks super hot, so she gets up to inspect the outfit firsthand. She moves her hands across Janie’s body, all the way down to her hard cock, barely contained under Janie’s petite dress. Cherry gets turned on and can’t resist teasing Janie by rubbing her through the fabric. Janie’s tempted, but before she loses herself, she stops Cherry from going any further. Janie doesn’t want to get all messy before her date. That’s not a problem for Cherry, she can pleasure herself just fine! She goes back to the bed where she whips out her own cock and masturbates in front of Janie.
The sight of Cherry, sprawled on the bed with her hands between her thighs, is too much for Janie. She gives in and joins Cherry in bed for a pre-date warmup. Janie might be late for her date tonight, but with Cherry, she always cums right on time.

Date: January 18, 2022

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