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Claire Tenebrarum and Jamie Kelly – Only Trans 2


Cute, petite tgirl Claire Tenebrarum is making breakfast for her friend Jamie Kelly, who is staying over for a few days. Jamie is recovering from a bad breakup, so Claire wants to cheer her up. Once the breakfast is ready, Claire carries the tray of food to the guest room where Jamie is staying. To Claire’s surprise, Jamie is already up… including her cock, because Jamie is masturbating. Later, Jamie approaches Claire, apologetically explaining that she gets horny in the morning. Ever since the breakup, Jamie doesn’t have an outlet for all that horny energy anymore. Claire assures Jamie that it’s fine… she’s just not used to seeing Jamie like that. Now curious, Jamie asks if Claire has ever had sex with another trans woman. Claire admits that she hasn’t, but Jamie has a really beautiful cock, so she’d like to try it. Jamie happily says that can be arranged, and they head back to the guest bedroom for some exploratory fun, including blowjobs, frotting, and Claire riding Jamie’s cock with no condom.

Date: October 7, 2022

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