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Lena Moon and Ariel Demure – It’s A Trans Sandwich 2


Lena Moon shows up at her friend Ariel Demure’s apartment, and she’s looking MIGHTY happy about something. She had a date last night with a sizzling-hot gentleman Rodrigo Amor and she can’t WAIT to tell Ariel about all the naughty, dirty details. Then they have a brilliant idea fuck Rodrigo together in a hot threesome. It would certainly be tons of fun, and Lena can tell that Ariel finds him HOT. Ariel hesitates for a moment, but when Rodrigo pops in to say hello, Ariel’s restraint vanishes. Nothing like starting the day with a trans sandwich, and when you’ve got meat like Rodrigo to fill your buns, you’re BOUND to go in for seconds!

Date: May 13, 2023

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