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Cherry Mavrick and Johnny B – Trans-Ference 2


Meet Johnny B. A straight man he has developed an intense transference of sexual feelings towards his therapist. Seriously who can blame him. Look at that hot woman. Can you imagine the confusion Johnny felt that he was also starting to view her as his mother. It’s time he dropped all his boundaries and his trans therapist would just let him suck her cock. He’s lost. Dr. Cherry Mavrick knows the only thing that will really set Johnny straight is a good ass fucking. Which she is just too happy to apply. Pulling out her extremely large girl cock she drops it into her patient’s will mouth and the healing begins. Knowing if she came to early the process would be stunted she decides to work out the hour with some serious ass fucking as both patient and doctor take turns pounding each others’ rectal party alleys. Transference therapy can be complex but sometimes all one needs is a stiff cock in the butt to help you work out any obstructions you may have. From Gender X Films, one of the leading TS porn sites.

Date: August 31, 2022

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