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Erica Cherry and Gracie Jane’s trans sandwich


Scene trailer from Jim Power’s It’s A Trans Sandwich (And I’m The Meat!) #02 available at top trans porn site Devil’s Tgirls. Tattooed guy Hatler Gurius has been spending some time prowling dating apps for some hot trans women to get frisky with. As luck will have it, he’s actually made some progress with TWO women: Erica Cherry and Gracie Jane. Unable to pick which one he wants to go after first, he invites BOTH of them over to his pad, hoping at least one of them will show up. A little later in the day, he’s pleasantly surprised when they both arrive at his door. The TGirls are okay with it and they’re willing to share Hatler… if he’s okay with it of course.

Date: March 2, 2023

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