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TS Tori Easton and Hazel Moore Star-Crossed Lovers


Imagine a universe managed by spectacular goddesses, each with their own celestial roles. Tori Easton, the Trans goddess embodying the moon and night, harbored a longing for Hazel Moore, the radiant goddess of the sun and day. Despite Tori’s intense sexual activities with other divine beings, her heart beat only for Hazel. Their duties caused them to meet fleetingly at dawn and dusk, making their desire for each other an ongoing heartache. The universe took pity on their lovesick hearts and orchestrated a rare eclipse, finally allowing them to unite. This romantic tale unfolds under the title Star-Crossed Lovers, an award-winning production from the Adult Time network. This story promises a passionate and celestial climax that leaves a heavenly impression!

Date: June 21, 2024

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