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Shiri Allwood – Too easy password


New episode from Adult Time’s series Caught Fapping – Too Easy Password featuring Tgirl Shiri Allwood who is watching porn on a laptop while masturbating. Her roommate, Pierce Paris, happens to see her from the doorway. He is stunned and turned on by the sight of Shiri touching herself, so he starts to touch himself as well, except then he realizes that Shiri is watching porn from HIS laptop, and he can’t help but let out an exclamation of surprise. This catches Shiri’s attention, so he enters the room.

Pierce asks if Shiri likes his porn collection, and she says that she does, teasingly adding that his laptop password was a little too easy to figure out. They talk about having the same tastes in porn, and admit to having crushes on each other. Since all of that is out in the open, they decide they might as well masturbate together while watching more porn. As they masturbate side-by-side, they get increasingly turned on, until they decide to try touching each other. They stroke each other’s cocks, and then move on to much more fun and fuck each other’s ass.

Date: June 1, 2023

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