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TS Vanniall – Poivoir


TS Vanniall, a graceful and tall transgender beauty, performs a slow and seductive dance while wearing a long fur coat. As the dance progresses, Vanniall reveals sexy lingerie and pantyhose underneath. Vanniall meets with That Whore Lior, a bearded man, to discuss an upcoming photo shoot. Shortly after, That Whore Lior reappears wearing pink lingerie, surprising Vanniall. That Whore Lior then performs a bold and deep blowjob on Vanniall’s transgender dick, showcasing impressive deepthroat oral skills. Vanniall reciprocates by penetrating That Whore Lior’s mouth with determination. That Whore Lior then proceeds to engage in anal intercourse with Vanniall, demonstrating versatility in various positions. Vanniall then positions herself over That Whore Lior’s face, allowing her scrotum to rest on his bearded chin while stimulating their own genitalia. This culminates in Vanniall achieving orgasm and ejaculating onto That Whore Lior’s tongue. The scene was directed by Natassia Dreams and is titled ‘Poivoir,’ which translates to ‘power’ in French.

Date: April 24, 2024
Model: Vanniall

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